Unravel (colaboration)

pipe piezo tree stick

A group field recording/sound walk and performance project realised during "Symposium on Baltic Media Art: 1989-2020. Cracks and Continuities” in Nida Art Colony, Lithuania.

What could be the means of understanding another historic viewpoint or a state of mind? Could it be that it takes not only deductive factual thought, but also imagination of the possible conditions that (pre-)historic subjects or communes might have been exposed to in their day to day lives? If so, an artistic approach of inquiry can be claimed. In this work a practice of inspecting the variety of soundscapes and their inhabitants was taken up as method of attempting to give insight in such questions. This was done by pursuing a collective itinerary of artistic explorations which include:
1. a soundwalk practice;
2. making field recordings on the Curronian Spit by using a variety of microphones and recording techniques;
3. scanning the surrounding geography by hiking across the Curroninan Spit on parallel paths during the same day where every participant is requested to take notes about their observations on the way (the notes do not necessarily need to be formal);
4. sharing the collected sound and writing materials that have been acquired throughout the past days in a collective listening and open microphone setting, which includes performative acts and a gradual reworking of the sound recordings to give way for musical abstraction by using methods of filtering and sequencing that are made possible through custom made audio processing interfaces on two computers. (duration: ~4h)

Field recording made near Neringa, Lithuania using a directional microphone and a ZOOM recorder.
(Wind bringing out the resonance of an old industrial pipe)

startnida darknida lightnida

A colective live performance as a practice of sharing experience; based on the field recordings made throughout different sound walks.

Made together with:
Bernadeta Brazdžionytė
Danielius Šermukšnis
Deinora Rudėnaitė
Gertrūda Nemčauskaitė
Kazlauskaitė Dovilė
Mantė Elelueta
Miglė Markulytė


Eurorack improv.


A piece for Beate Poikāne video art project.

"Maiņu mūzika" (colaboration)

Live visuals for "Maiņu mūzika" - a composition by Henrijs Poikāns. @ LAUKĀ 2019.

2,147,483,647(live_@MPlab) (colaboration)

Live coding and musical improvisation group project by Andrejs Poikāns and Gustavs Lociks for "Sound Days" festival in Liepaja, Latvia. Live recording from a performance at MPlab.



What is the base of human enquiry of the perceptual world and how does this mode of enquiry changes together with the development of immersive technology? It is not hard to become ignorant of properties that are lost in the iconic representation, and no matter how proficient the information we gain from this representation seems, the standardisation of flat computer screens made from glass certainly is one of the most popular limitations humans confront on our way to a more complete understanding of the referent object, for the ability to perceive a large variety of textures and temperatures by the sensation of touch has always played a major role in the way we understand the world around us.

Exhibited in Priekule (2018), Riga (2019), Salaspils (2019), Latvia.


Sound art installation made together with Sintija Plāce.
For "Sound days 2019" festival in Liepaja, Latvia.



Plastic in Budapest.

update or die

screenshot screenshot

On the frustrations of modernity and the finitude of energy resources.